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One of Eastern Ontario’s finest contemporary galleries exhibiting an eclectic collection of abstract, landscape, figurative and colour field works on paper and canvas.

Several local artists are featured, as well as exceptional works selected from across Canada and a few outstanding pieces picked up by the owners from around the world.

Ask to see the many hidden treasures in “the back room.” Complimentary art consultations. Many glass, ceramic, stone and metal sculptures are exhibited indoors, and the new 3-acre Sculpture Garden is not to be missed.

Next to Huff Estates Inn & Winery. Patio dining with Chef Michael Hoy.
Open daily 10 am to 6 pm.
2274 County Rd. 1, Bloomfield
613.393.2216 | www.oenogallery.com
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Portrait: Oeno Gallery

Carlyn Moulton & Barbara Basille Owners



The Oeno Gallery is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition of work by Otto Donald Rogers. While new show of works by Rogers is always a highly anticipated event, these creations – paint on canvas, and a powerful return to steel – achieve a rare scale and beauty.

Sir Anthony Caro once declared that Rogers’ works “have a kind of magic about them…I love what he does.” Considered one of Canada’s important painters, Rogers has exhibited internationally for over five decades. His works are found in over 1500 international public, corporate and private collections including Art Gallery of Ontario; MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina; Mendal Art Gallery, Saskatoon; Montreal Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the National Gallery of Canada; and the National Gallery of Iceland.

OR_Enigma_2013_60x84_Dancers Space Time_2011_42x56x22web

Painting- Enigma, Acrylic on Linen, 60” x 84” Sculpture- Dancer’s Space/Time, Steel, 42” x 56” x 22”

Original, wise, beautiful and moving – these are adjectives often used to describe Rogers’ work.  “He is doing the best work of his life, a magnificent summa to over 55 years of painting,” enthuses Ken Carpenter, professor at York University and Past-President of the Canadian Section of the International Association of Art Critics. Carpenter has just finished writing a major profile on Rogers, to be published in Canadian Art later this fall.

Otto Rogers was born in 1935. As Professor and Head of the Department of Art at the University of Saskatchewan (1959–1988), Rogers helped revive the Emma Lake Artist Workshop, Saskatchewan (1971–1987). From 1988 to 1998 Rogers lived in Haifa, Israel, where he served two, five-year terms as a Counselor member of the International Teaching Center at the World Centre for the Bahai Faith.

He now lives and works in Prince Edward County, where he has been represented by the Oeno Gallery since 2006. 

November 1st  , 2013 – January 31st , 2014


Oeno Gallery presents the Fine Art for Gift Giving! The gallery is filled with exciting new works for the gift giving season, specifically catering to those searching for the unusual, beautiful, thoughtful gift for a special person. 

Some of the work is luscious, rubied pomegranate seeds nestled in bronze;  a tree house set in a sculpted tree, ideal for symbolizing where day dreams become reality;  fine and lively vessels for flowers or window ledges;  pine cones with energy and direction;  sculpted  rectangular bowls  for centre pieces.  We will have intriguing ceramics both earthy and sculptural;  vibrant and colorful glass;  sculptures both abstract and figurative  and  fanciful clocks enough to keep you mesmerized by time!  


Clock- Roger Wood, Clock in Glass Dome, 17” x 11” x 11

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